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So You Don’t Believe in God.

Guess What?  He gave you free will, so you don’t have too.

But lets make something perfectly clear before you make a decision like that.

No human can comprehend Almighty God. Not one. Not the leading member of MENSA, the smartest and most educated human on earth, not Kings, nor Presidents, or Business Magnates or Top Religious Leaders can explain the unintelligible – which is God.

Almighty God is beyond human comprehension, understanding and imagination. Period.  If someone tells you different they are a liar, a fool and lack common sense. Even the most devout Atheist and Agnostics will agree, that you cannot disprove the existence of God.

Therefore 50% of your argument has failed. Now let’s work on the other 50%. 

D.M. Cherry

An Argument for God

Have you ever been wrong about something?


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